Colorful_Parrots_CoupleThe Amazona Society UK was formed in the early 1990’s to provide a pool of knowledge about Amazon Parrots. It was realised by a number of owners of these beautiful birds, that there was very little reliable information available, either for the pet bird owner, or serious breeder. Relatively few birds had been bred in captivity, and their care, food needs and accomodation requirements, were all a matter of conjecture.

Because of their wide distribution throughout Central and Southern America, they along with two other Genus of parrot :- the Conures, and Lories, were the largest species groups of all the worlds parrots. Therefore there was also a need to be able to identify each species/sub species correctly.

With the dramatic change in the bird trade, with more birds becoming unavailable. With trade restrictions becoming more prominent for some species, then the time was right for some kind of organisation to try and collate and extend the knowledge of these birds before it became to late.
In America, a society, based on these principals was already in existence – The Amazona Society. Initially then this was the society that the UK members joined. Subscriptions and information, was passed to and from America. This however soon proved to be unsatisfactory. The birds available, food products, weather differences etc, soon began to cause conflicts. A concensus of opinion decided that the UK should go it alone – and The Amazona Society UK was born.

Although it is only a decade ago, we believe that the knowledge that has been gained since, and is now available, free of charge, from the society, on all aspects of Amazon Parrot care, has enabled many owners to produce healthy generations of Amazon parrots in captivity, unsurpassed in the history of bird keeping.