Services Offered

Here are Some of the services provided to members are listed.

1. Advise on accomodation requirements.
2. Advise on food requirements.
3. Advise on Pet Parrot needs.
4. Advise on Identification of Amazon Species/Sub species.
5. Advise on where to buy your parrot.
6. Advise on breeding your parrots.
7. Information / video / books available from the society
8. Husbandry guide lines (free on joining)
9 Species advisers for specialist advise on your parrot
10. Quarterly magazine – information – advertisements for food, cages, services etc
11. Promotional items for sale – proceeds to conservation.
12. Advise on legal requirements for restricted trade species.

The Amazona Society UK is very much a national organisation with an elected committee, from all parts of the country. We have available many parrot owners, breeders, who can give good advise based on experience. We spend all our spare monies on conservation on behalf of the Amazon Parrots.
Because we have no “area” base, our exposure to the members, and to the public, is by our information stand. This is in attendance at most of the top UK bird shows, we have a wealth of information available, and is manned by Parrot owners, who volunteer there time and knowledge to improve the general well being and husbandry requirements for these unique birds.

Why not join our organisation – and help make a real difference – to the parrots we all love